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Sunday, February 25, 2007
This post will tell you why we should choose Pocket PC PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) technology for medical purposes.

Pocket PC has a great improvement on PDA business. It has great on PDA market share today. Free medical application is growing on Pocket PC device. Some users feel Pocket PC PDA has more friendly interface especially for Windows users.

Pocket PC PDA is multitasking, need high speed processor, great capability on multimedia, so it take power consumption and relatively slower. Pocket PC is nice for medical and entertainment purposes.

Pocket PC has a regular WiFi built-in as their standard on the market today. Slimmest body from iPAQ series, high resolution from Toshiba series, camera, bluetooth, faster processor, and increase internal memory are common models for Pocket PC now.

Some of medical application's size for pocket pc are bigger than palm.

If your pocket pc's battery down, you will lose all files installed on internal memory, and your pocket pc will restart to reset condition. So make data backup regularly, synchronize with your PC or laptop, and save your data on external memory.

Doctors and medical students with pocket pc will be able to read simple Office application (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel) but can not edit it without additional softwares.

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Friday, February 23, 2007
This post will tell you why we should choose Palm PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) technology for medical purposes.

Palm is an old player on PDA business. Since monochrome until high color resolution. There are a lot of free medical application on the web. Try to find medical eBook, eText, calculator, etc. The amount is more than Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) has. In some countries maybe we will find PPC users is greater than Palm.

Palm PDA is not multitasking, so it save power consumption and faster. Even multimedia is not as good as PPC, but it is enough for medical purposes.

In the old, we'll difficult to find Palm PDA series of technology with WiFi built-in. Even we can add an external utilities by using WiFi SDIO port.

Palm PDA technology is more user friendly for some of our medical practice since they do not need much game and multimedia application.

Office mobile application is better on Palm. Palm PDA has a Documents To Go to do a syncronization well.

If you choose PDA for your medical practice, we think Palm PDA is the choice.

Find another review of recent Palm PDA technology, choose the best price for your medical mobile activity.

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We put Sitescore button on the right bottom (sidebar) for Medical Technology blog evaluation.
Even we are not weblog designer, but that is a great tool for web development, especially beginner like us.
Sitescore is a free tool which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is.
You can try on Sitescore Put your blog address started by www on the row and press enter. Wait a second and here our scores. If you check our score, you will find a cache version of us. Do a registration, login, and check the site.

How well marketed, and popular the website is. (3.3)

We just started here. But incoming links and page ranking are not number one for us. Blogging is for sharing and learning with unique and quality content as long as we can.

How well designed and built the website is. (8.6)

Maybe related to CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and XHTML (eXtended HyperText Markup Language) validation. Using free blogger, we can not control all aspects, especially for navigation bar and comment form which usually not valid.

How accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities. (8.3)

Perhaps we should check our blog with Lynx browser first, so all of the text can be crawled perfectly. Remember to use alt tags for images, title tag, and reduce script/javascript.

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Detailed breakdown
Makes proper use of title, heading, meta-tags, submit to all the search engines and applicable free directories.

Rating summary (0.3 / 10) Amount of text. We do not use flash regularly.

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Rating summary (6.2 / 10) British legal requirements. Yes not valid yet ( classic problems).

Rating summary (6.7 / 10) Use of style-sheets. Yes we use an valid external CSS, except Blogger's navbar.

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And we got 10 scores for each no use of frames, wide use of forms, tableless, use of basic HTML tags and DOCTYPE (XHTML 1.0 Transtitional, the most type of web technology), favourite icon, no blinking or scrolling text (marquee), proper fonts (we think Arial or sans-serif is the best choice for screen reader and small font), no flash, no ads keywords, no redirects, less images (10/pages), free from spam/ads blocker, enough links number per pages (65.0), no audio, fine for page titles.

We knew in medical we have HONCode ( standard. But we are anonymous, so it would be difficult.
This documentation is important for the next evaluation. We will learn from each experiences. We hope this tool will help medical technology's site more better in the future.
Waiting for the next version of Sitescore...

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Notebook computer is very useful for medical student. It can help mobile activities such as research, tasks, organizations, searching, mailing, writing, group discussion, distance learning, teleconsultation, telemedicine, etc. We can use public Internet connection such as WiFi (Wireless Fidelity), WiMax, or cable network. There are so many branded notebook computer in the market today (recent technology). The price is not cheap, so we have to choose the right one for your medical purposes.

We will find some standard features on a notebook computer or laptop in the recent technology:

Size and screen
There are small screen (eg, 11-14 inch) and lighweight but might be less features. Usually we find 15-17 inch screen size. Another is wide screen for multimedia or gaming purposes. Technology is growing.

There are WiFi, infrared (IrDA), DVD/CD RW (re-writer), modem port, cable network port, USB ports (more than 1 ports), multi memory card slot (SD, MMC, XD, CF, etc.), monitor output, printer port, PC card (PCMCIA), etc. Find the best technology you need for.

Operating systems
If you are a notebook computer (laptop) user based on Windows (by Microsoft), you should do a regular anti virus and system updating to get more secure. Most of medical softwares are available on Windows. Most of (legal) notebook computer are bundling with Windows XP (Home, Professional Edition, Vista).

You should choose Mac OS X (ten; by Apple) if you want to get the best beauty of notebook computer (laptop), with long time International guarantee, free from virus relatively (until this second), and fastest notebook computer system. Medical sotwares also available in Mac version like Windows. But there are some different function of keyboard button which is compared by Windows.

You may choose GNU/Linux and its distributions (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, SimplyMEPIS, etc.) if you have enough time (acts like a geek) to find the other drivers (especially modems, printers, VGAs) and make some configurations to make your system more convenient. GNU/Linux system works under Intel, PPC, and AMD based processor. It is free and open source under GNU licensed and virus free relatively. But less of software available for medical purposes.

You should have a choice now. Choose the best notebook computer for your medical purposes in the recent technology. Have a successful study.

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Friday, February 9, 2007

This how to avoiding medical malpractice article is intended for patients as medical practice's consumer. The article based on our suggestion as a medical student and we learn case by case from our experience. Patients are great teacher for us. We learnt from your stories.

Before you go to the doctor/physician/specialist/clinic/hospital, maybe you should consider these advice to avoiding medical malpractice:
  1. get some trust information about your chief complaint (book, Internet, magazine, newspaper, etc)
  2. make a list of disease related questions to the doctor for your asking time
  3. find your general practitioner or family doctor first, collect recommendation wisely from your friend or relations
  4. bring your radiographs, lab results, allergen list, or other related medical history
  5. make an appointment for a specific time, so you have enough time for consultation time
After your first consultation, to continue avoiding medical malpractice, we think you should:
  1. follow doctor's directions (drugs, diet, doses, etc)
  2. continue to folow-up
  3. call doctor if needed (side effects, allergic reactions)
  4. take a second (or third..) opinion
  5. keep healthy

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Thursday, February 8, 2007
Apple iPhone for medical purposes? If you think it is the same as Palm PDA (personal digital assistant) and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) which can install some mobile medical applications, you maybe sligthly wrong. Because Apple iPhone is closed system yet.

Let we see Apple iPhones as a convergence, small, lightweight handheld/mobile phone device with widescreen iPod (touch screen 3.5 inch display with your finger for music audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies), great Internet facilities (email, web browsing, maps)

As same as Mac (Apple's product), Safari as a great web browser now available in portable device. It is built-in with Google and Yahoo! search. Apple iPhone is multi-tasking, you can do browsing and mailing in the same time (background process). It has WiFi and EDGE connection.

There is a chance to make medical application such as Medical eBook, medical flash content, medical eRegistration, telemedicine, telehealth, medical blogging, and any kind of medical web based content on this Apple iPhone. With Safari's browser (X/HTML standard) capabilities, Apple iPhones can be used for medical purposes.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
As a Mac newbie you can easily make an Internet connection with your CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phone technology. Mac and CDMA technology can make your mobile Internet access available when there is no WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) signal. Mac and CDMA configuration is same easy as Windows and GNU/Linux. We wil use Nokia mobile phone (N3205) and its original data cable (CA-42). Better use an original data cable for stable connection.

CA-42 USB data cable usually detected automaticaly as Prolific chipset (pl2303) on Mac laptop. If no, do manual installation using Internet Connect application for usbserial.

You can download modem script on Taniwha.

Put modem script in your Mac directory (HD/Library/Modem Scripts).

Check your » system preferences, » network, » choose usbserial, » click modem tab, » choose modem type (modem script).

Do a dial up using number #777 on Internet Connect application.

Because CDMA connection means volume based charging, maybe you'll need some tips and tricks for your browser:
  • disable images
  • save cookies
  • save passwords
  • disable some javascripts

and choose the right time: not in a busy hour.

for your Mac system: disable any auto update.

Keep enjoy with your Mac laptop and CDMA connection.

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As a medical student and a Mac newbie on laptop, I have no time to digg this technology. Mac users claim its Apple technology is the best in this technology era. First impression, it is so beautiful. It's really fast. Their desktop widgets are so useful. Do not waste your time to make some laptop configuration, just use your Mac laptop. Yup, back to your work.

All of its software bundle just work out of box. Try iLife, Comic Life, Omni Graffle, World Book Encyclopedia, and iApps such as Grapher, Terminal, etc.
Virus? With Mac laptop , you don't need a busy work to do a regular virus update such as Windows users. Throw away of virus, worm, adware, etc. Really easy for a Mac newbie on laptop.

Driver? Almost all of your devices will be driverless, just plug in and you are ready to use your technology. Flashdisks, digital cameras, iPods, memory cards, etc. Even no restart required. Mac laptop has a bluetooth and firewire connection built-in as their standard.

But there is nothing perfect.

The white cover need an extra treatment. There is available a black Mac laptop with the expensive price.
And you'll need an extra device if you want to make a connection with projector or external display. By default, you can not do that and you need tu buy a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter or Mini-DVI to DVI adapter (depend on your external display based).

Enjoy the Mac international guarantee. Buy only the original Mac laptop from your trust agent or reseller.
The limit is just your creativity.

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Monday, February 5, 2007
What kind of browser technology do you use today? Still using Internet Explorer?
Do you know the best browser technology are Firefox and/or Opera. Those are fast, secure, light, tab session, and freeware. IE 7 has tab now, right. But web standard development refer to Firefox, Opera (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac), Konqueror (Linux), Camino, Safari (Mac).

Firefox is available for multiplatform operating system. The stable version is 1.5 even 2.0 is newest. The 2.0+ version is known usually crash with java, some extension, memory leak, and flash issues. Firefox is an open source technology and most secure than others.

You can choose your extension depend on your need and online activities. You can make your own setting to make your Firefox faster and secure. It has a biomedical extension for a medical student who is interested in biomedicine science. Almost all pages especially which is using web standard from can perfectly shown on this browser. and using Firefox browser as their web browser standard for web development. Just enjoy recent browser technology with Firefox.

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Today, using single keyword 'technology' on Google, I found these sites on 10 first page of results. We can see most technology resources which is clicked by users. Newspaper, magazine, television channel still exist in the first mind of technology's user. Even they have other primary media than online sites, but they understand how to use technology such as website to get exist in the market today.

Here are the list:

At least there are technology topic on that media. It means technology and development are interesting topic.

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With recent Internet technology, you can put your medical site on Google first page. Users will find your medical page or medical site and medical blog by typing a keyword which best match with your blog. Some of tips of technology that you can use are search engine optimization (SEO), original content, great amount of incoming backlink.

Here you can find these site on first 20 results:

We can see that webmd put 2 pages, medical government (.gov) have 4 sites, and others are medical dictionary/term and general medical information.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007
Choose best PDA for doctors. In the recent mobile medical technology era, doctors should have a mobile tool to help their mobilities. One of the best tool is personal digital assistant (PDA). There are so many type of PDA in the market today. Which one the best for doctors?

Best operating system are Palm OS and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC). Most of medical software are available in Palm version. PPC is growth in the recent years. Find your colleagues, what PDA s are they use? So you will find help easily with the PDA later.

Choose your best wireless connection. WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is the most important wireless technology for your medical setting beside of bluetooth and infrared.

Great devices if it has multi SDIO card, so you can use your MMC or SD card for expansion memory.

Save your energy/battery saving with Palm but it doesn't multitasking yet and less of multimedia capabilities.

It is your choice. Get the best PDA for your, doctors.

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First time on Linux laptop as a medical student? Don't be affraid with this technology.
Growth of technology and medical technology could be a nightmare for a medical student who is not a computer geek. For a legal reason maybe you will get a laptop without an operating system now.

Yes, you can choose GNU/Linux as your daily operating system besides of Windows.
On the Internet you'll find a lot of resources for this help (Linux on laptop).
There are Linux laptop specific maling lists, forums, sites, blogs, etc.

Better you should try this:

Hopefully you can enjoy your medical study with Linux laptop technology.

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Ubuntu Linux is one of the most great open source technology. Even for a medical student and newbie on this technology. Ubuntu as an free (as speech) operating system has a large number of users (include newbie on laptop). They are very respect on Ubuntu technology. Free (always be), great support, great community, multi language translations, regular update, and easy of use even for newbie.

I think this technology is one of the best choice for medical student who want to use an legal operating system, free viruses, recent technology, easy for newbie, eye catching, very stabile and fast enough.

Get your machine legal and virus free with Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu is debian based. Debian is the most platform in open source medical software development.

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I can not find a specific literature to create the best design for medical blog in the recent technology. There is HON Code but not spesific for the blog. There are some specific tips for the best blog design but not for medical environment. Web log as known as weblog or blog is one of the fastest growing information and communication technology. There are some interesting blog made by medical professionals, physicians, nurses, pharmacist, etc. But I can not find the best design from medical view.

In the recent technology, growing Internet access, large screen, mobile technology, pay per volume based charging, excellent browser, web standard, etc. maybe there are some aspects which best to adopt as a medical blog designer.

Blog title, tagline, description
They should have clearly show on the top of the blog.

Must clearly declare who you are, your contact/email (aware from spam), curriculum vitae, job description, specialities, photo.

Search facilities and Categories
These are useful for busy people. They want a specific topic.

Just mention your citation, resources, so it still contain evidence based medicine.


Make your article readable on the screen. Right font type (sans serif better than sans type), left alignment, listing, links, relative size, etc.

So build your medical blog with better design right now and reach your users with recent technology.

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As a medical student, you will need some freeware technology for your new laptop/notebook. Here are best freeware that you can get from free software and open source technology.
If you are just a medical student, not a computer geek and wanna be a legal user of technology, so here are the best choice.

If you are using Windows as your operating system, Internet active, using flashdisks, you will need an antivirus software. Best freeware solutions are: AVG Free, AntiVir XP Personal Ed Classic.

As an Internet active, you wil need best freeware browser in the world: Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

Best freeware and open source for office activity:

Best freeware for PDF convenience: Adobe Reader (reader), PDF Creator (open source).

Best freeware for download manager: Free Download Manager.

Best freeware for photo/image viewer: XnView.

Best freeware and open source for photo/image editor: The GIMP.

Best freeware for Multimedia: Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time Player.

Best freeware for other utilities: CDBurnerXP Pro 3, Epi Info, R, 7-Zip, Gaim, PC-Encrypt.

Now as a medical student, you can focus on your study with right freeware technology, and legal..

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