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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
As a medical student and a Mac newbie on laptop, I have no time to digg this technology. Mac users claim its Apple technology is the best in this technology era. First impression, it is so beautiful. It's really fast. Their desktop widgets are so useful. Do not waste your time to make some laptop configuration, just use your Mac laptop. Yup, back to your work.

All of its software bundle just work out of box. Try iLife, Comic Life, Omni Graffle, World Book Encyclopedia, and iApps such as Grapher, Terminal, etc.
Virus? With Mac laptop , you don't need a busy work to do a regular virus update such as Windows users. Throw away of virus, worm, adware, etc. Really easy for a Mac newbie on laptop.

Driver? Almost all of your devices will be driverless, just plug in and you are ready to use your technology. Flashdisks, digital cameras, iPods, memory cards, etc. Even no restart required. Mac laptop has a bluetooth and firewire connection built-in as their standard.

But there is nothing perfect.

The white cover need an extra treatment. There is available a black Mac laptop with the expensive price.
And you'll need an extra device if you want to make a connection with projector or external display. By default, you can not do that and you need tu buy a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter or Mini-DVI to DVI adapter (depend on your external display based).

Enjoy the Mac international guarantee. Buy only the original Mac laptop from your trust agent or reseller.
The limit is just your creativity.

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