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Sunday, March 4, 2007
Based on our experience, finally, Medical Technology choose or blogspot as our free blogging platform. In other side, is blogspot's heavy rivals. choose on their comparison. You can see full article on this rank of blogging platforms and its full article of blogging platforms comparison.

Medical Technology team have another reason.
We choose because of some reason:
  • customizable CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) → we can use external CSS to load pages faster and more efficient, change the color, background images, column's style, and font's type
  • customizable XHTML (eXtended HyperText Markup Language) → recent and common web technology, clean and compact codes
  • larger storage capacity → until 300 MB
  • simple and more intuitive (user friendly) admin panel → but you will need third party accessories for more convenience
  • more free templates available
  • add some ads
  • more hacks available
But for your consideration, users will also:
  • get slower access → since Blogger users are increasing
  • not convenience of popups comments → could break of accessibility, so you couldn't use back button
  • not convenience of chaptcha code → especially for users with disable images mode (volume based charging using GPRS, CDMA, or limited bandwidth per month)

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