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Thursday, February 8, 2007
Apple iPhone for medical purposes? If you think it is the same as Palm PDA (personal digital assistant) and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) which can install some mobile medical applications, you maybe sligthly wrong. Because Apple iPhone is closed system yet.

Let we see Apple iPhones as a convergence, small, lightweight handheld/mobile phone device with widescreen iPod (touch screen 3.5 inch display with your finger for music audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies), great Internet facilities (email, web browsing, maps)

As same as Mac (Apple's product), Safari as a great web browser now available in portable device. It is built-in with Google and Yahoo! search. Apple iPhone is multi-tasking, you can do browsing and mailing in the same time (background process). It has WiFi and EDGE connection.

There is a chance to make medical application such as Medical eBook, medical flash content, medical eRegistration, telemedicine, telehealth, medical blogging, and any kind of medical web based content on this Apple iPhone. With Safari's browser (X/HTML standard) capabilities, Apple iPhones can be used for medical purposes.

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