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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
As a Mac newbie you can easily make an Internet connection with your CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phone technology. Mac and CDMA technology can make your mobile Internet access available when there is no WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) signal. Mac and CDMA configuration is same easy as Windows and GNU/Linux. We wil use Nokia mobile phone (N3205) and its original data cable (CA-42). Better use an original data cable for stable connection.

CA-42 USB data cable usually detected automaticaly as Prolific chipset (pl2303) on Mac laptop. If no, do manual installation using Internet Connect application for usbserial.

You can download modem script on Taniwha.

Put modem script in your Mac directory (HD/Library/Modem Scripts).

Check your » system preferences, » network, » choose usbserial, » click modem tab, » choose modem type (modem script).

Do a dial up using number #777 on Internet Connect application.

Because CDMA connection means volume based charging, maybe you'll need some tips and tricks for your browser:
  • disable images
  • save cookies
  • save passwords
  • disable some javascripts

and choose the right time: not in a busy hour.

for your Mac system: disable any auto update.

Keep enjoy with your Mac laptop and CDMA connection.

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