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Monday, February 5, 2007
What kind of browser technology do you use today? Still using Internet Explorer?
Do you know the best browser technology are Firefox and/or Opera. Those are fast, secure, light, tab session, and freeware. IE 7 has tab now, right. But web standard development refer to Firefox, Opera (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac), Konqueror (Linux), Camino, Safari (Mac).

Firefox is available for multiplatform operating system. The stable version is 1.5 even 2.0 is newest. The 2.0+ version is known usually crash with java, some extension, memory leak, and flash issues. Firefox is an open source technology and most secure than others.

You can choose your extension depend on your need and online activities. You can make your own setting to make your Firefox faster and secure. It has a biomedical extension for a medical student who is interested in biomedicine science. Almost all pages especially which is using web standard from can perfectly shown on this browser. and using Firefox browser as their web browser standard for web development. Just enjoy recent browser technology with Firefox.

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