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Friday, February 23, 2007
We put Sitescore button on the right bottom (sidebar) for Medical Technology blog evaluation.
Even we are not weblog designer, but that is a great tool for web development, especially beginner like us.
Sitescore is a free tool which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is.
You can try on Sitescore Put your blog address started by www on the row and press enter. Wait a second and here our scores. If you check our score, you will find a cache version of us. Do a registration, login, and check the site.

How well marketed, and popular the website is. (3.3)

We just started here. But incoming links and page ranking are not number one for us. Blogging is for sharing and learning with unique and quality content as long as we can.

How well designed and built the website is. (8.6)

Maybe related to CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and XHTML (eXtended HyperText Markup Language) validation. Using free blogger, we can not control all aspects, especially for navigation bar and comment form which usually not valid.

How accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities. (8.3)

Perhaps we should check our blog with Lynx browser first, so all of the text can be crawled perfectly. Remember to use alt tags for images, title tag, and reduce script/javascript.

How satisfying the website is likely to be. (9.2)

Score high caused by regular posting, we think.

Visitor rating
Votes from users with IP detection.

Good / bad points
Warning point: refer to less of incoming links (rarely visited; not popular on Google), not valid XHTML (violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act)
Excellent point: very quick to respond, proper use of modern technology (tableless)

Detailed breakdown
Makes proper use of title, heading, meta-tags, submit to all the search engines and applicable free directories.

Rating summary (0.3 / 10) Amount of text. We do not use flash regularly.

Rating summary (2.4 / 10) Incoming links. We need to build this later (a minimum of 40 links to any given website).

Rating summary (6.2 / 10) British legal requirements. Yes not valid yet ( classic problems).

Rating summary (6.7 / 10) Use of style-sheets. Yes we use an valid external CSS, except Blogger's navbar.

Size of pages: small and should display quickly. Range of 27k - 42k in size. Yes small enough.

Rating summary (8.7 / 10) Speed. Your website responded in 0.64 seconds, and your homepage downloaded in 1.04 seconds. This is very fast. Yes, great for users.

Rating summary (9.3 / 10) Features (Search facility, RSS feed, Website map, Discussion forums).

And we got 10 scores for each no use of frames, wide use of forms, tableless, use of basic HTML tags and DOCTYPE (XHTML 1.0 Transtitional, the most type of web technology), favourite icon, no blinking or scrolling text (marquee), proper fonts (we think Arial or sans-serif is the best choice for screen reader and small font), no flash, no ads keywords, no redirects, less images (10/pages), free from spam/ads blocker, enough links number per pages (65.0), no audio, fine for page titles.

We knew in medical we have HONCode ( standard. But we are anonymous, so it would be difficult.
This documentation is important for the next evaluation. We will learn from each experiences. We hope this tool will help medical technology's site more better in the future.
Waiting for the next version of Sitescore...

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