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Friday, February 9, 2007

This how to avoiding medical malpractice article is intended for patients as medical practice's consumer. The article based on our suggestion as a medical student and we learn case by case from our experience. Patients are great teacher for us. We learnt from your stories.

Before you go to the doctor/physician/specialist/clinic/hospital, maybe you should consider these advice to avoiding medical malpractice:
  1. get some trust information about your chief complaint (book, Internet, magazine, newspaper, etc)
  2. make a list of disease related questions to the doctor for your asking time
  3. find your general practitioner or family doctor first, collect recommendation wisely from your friend or relations
  4. bring your radiographs, lab results, allergen list, or other related medical history
  5. make an appointment for a specific time, so you have enough time for consultation time
After your first consultation, to continue avoiding medical malpractice, we think you should:
  1. follow doctor's directions (drugs, diet, doses, etc)
  2. continue to folow-up
  3. call doctor if needed (side effects, allergic reactions)
  4. take a second (or third..) opinion
  5. keep healthy

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