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Sunday, February 25, 2007
This post will tell you why we should choose Pocket PC PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) technology for medical purposes.

Pocket PC has a great improvement on PDA business. It has great on PDA market share today. Free medical application is growing on Pocket PC device. Some users feel Pocket PC PDA has more friendly interface especially for Windows users.

Pocket PC PDA is multitasking, need high speed processor, great capability on multimedia, so it take power consumption and relatively slower. Pocket PC is nice for medical and entertainment purposes.

Pocket PC has a regular WiFi built-in as their standard on the market today. Slimmest body from iPAQ series, high resolution from Toshiba series, camera, bluetooth, faster processor, and increase internal memory are common models for Pocket PC now.

Some of medical application's size for pocket pc are bigger than palm.

If your pocket pc's battery down, you will lose all files installed on internal memory, and your pocket pc will restart to reset condition. So make data backup regularly, synchronize with your PC or laptop, and save your data on external memory.

Doctors and medical students with pocket pc will be able to read simple Office application (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel) but can not edit it without additional softwares.

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